Thursday, 24 July 2014

Variety of Bollards in Melbourne

Bollards are associated with myriad of functions and the equipment is of high utility. Few of the purposes for which they can be put to use are pedestrian safety, access restriction, utility, and building protection. These can be easy spotted around us in our surroundings in the day to day life. Right from driveways, parking lots to restricting entry in the undesired locations their applications are many. Bollards in Melbourne  are supplied by the leading companies dealing with the construction safety and signage. These can be removable, fixed to the surface or fixed in ground types. They can be manufactured from plastic, timber and stainless steel depending on the requirement. Some of them are also provided with reflectors to add to their utility aspect. The heavy duty range is made from steel tube that is heavy wall and the base plate is completely welded. These are suited for the asset protection.  The ones manufactured from the recycled plastic have a pyramid top and the timber type can easily be customized by the makers as per the specifications.

The enhanced concerns regarding the security issues in the recent times have tremendously increased their demand. The equipment is cost effective, very practical and simple yet solves the purpose marvelously. They provide effective restriction as and when required. Their usage is also witnessed for landscaping purpose since they add to the aesthetic value. Also they can be put to use for making visual boundaries, restricting the vehicular movement, providing convenience to the pedestrians and regulating traffic. So their use is not solely restricted for the security purpose.

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